About the Smiling Runner

"The thing about runners," my friend Ross said to me one day, "is that they always look miserable. They're always frowning!"

Well, my name's Meister, and I'm a smiling runner. 

I'm here to show you that while you might not always see many of us out there grinning, rest assured we exist—and you can be one of us. Hopefully this blog helps you learn to run yourself happy through funny stories, helpful tips, snapshots, mountains of delicious food, and a heaping helping of not taking itself too terribly seriously.

More about Meister

I'm a coffee professional and a writer living in New York City with my husband (Mr. Meister) and our dog, Lola. I read a ton, cook and eat a ton, and spend much of my free time working on one silly project or another.

Feel free to e-mail me at meister (at) thenervouscook.com.

Running stats

4M: 29:42 (09/17/11)
5M: 40:58 (06/25/11)
10K: 50:32 (05/12/12)
Half marathon: 1:47:40 (05/19/12)

Average weekly mileage

Average pace

Brooks Ghost 4, US size 9
Brooks Ghost 5, US size 9
Brooks Launch, US size 9